I’ve been meaning to post my progress but time got away from me. It’s day 8 on the diet. As of Saturday I have lost 6 pounds. Here is a sampling of some of the food I have been eating. Pictured are some little quiche’s Deb made along with a lettuce wrap that I had at work most of last week. Turkey, red pepper, Deb’s special sauce, cheeze wrapped in a romain lettuce leaf. Very tasty. I really have not been hungry. Been snacking on string cheese, cashews, almonds, peanuts, pecans, peanut butter on celery and excellent home made humus on celery. I could use a beer but that will have to wait. Been taking 500mg nician nightly now. Another picture shows a salad and grilled chicken breast from the cafeteria at work, steak on the grill, and chicken and veggies that Deb made. I’d say I’m doing fine on this but I will be cheating with beer and pancakes (not at the same time) after phase on ends this coming Sunday.



Deb has prepared some good food to begin the South Beach Diet Tomorrow. For breakfast, I get to have 2 of the little quiche’s. For lunch I’ll have lunch meat turkey (Boar’s head Ovengold) and red peppers wrapped in lettuce with a sauce of light mayo and some herbs that Deb whipped up. For snacks I can have laughing cow cheese squares, or peanut butter spread on celery. I also have a bag of mixed nut that I can snack on. You are supposed to eat snacks between meals to fend off hunger pangs. I usually like do that with a cruller so this will be different. At least you can eat as much as you want at meal time. On Wednesday I begin 500mg Nician. I take 10mg generic lipitor before bed. I weighed in at 186 this evening. Writing this blog makes me feel like a lab rat.

After watching a news program on TV in which Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussed 2 simple tests for heart health I decided to investigate. One test was a coronary calcium scan, the other was an advanced lipid profile. Since I had to get my cholesterol checked anyway, and my maximum out of pocket on my medical insurance had been reached for the year, I went for the advanced lipid profile. My total cholesterol and triglycerides were moderately high but my lipid particle count was off the charts – 2000 is considered very high, mine was 2639. The particle size may also be a factor, with small ones being much worse than big ones. Luckily mine fall just inside the big classification.


 My doctor suggested I resume taking a statin, begin pharmaceutical grade nician, and go on the South Beach Diet to get my cholesterol (mainly the high partical count) in check.


So I read the book (which was actually pretty interesting). Phase 1 of the diet lasts 14 days and calls for no alcohol of any kind. Great. I didn’t know beer had so much sugar in it.


Since Deb does the cooking she has decided to also go on the diet. It should make cooking easier. We put together a list and went grocery shopping. Pictured here is most of the results of our shopping trip today for Phase 1. The meats are hidden in the background and the basil plant happened to be on the table.


I’m going to try and keep the blog updated with my progress. I’m thinking that if I broadcast it, I might be more inclinded to stick with it. I have never went on a fad diet before and no way would I be doing this had my doctor not pointed out the benefits. Time will tell on this one. It’s so disappointing that beer is about the worst thing you can drink. The book is full of testimonials of folks who have gone off statins, blood pressure meds, and eliminated diabetes due to this diet. My goal is to get that cholesterol partical count much lower.





They also removed the air charging unit that shouldn’t have been installed for the past 8 years and corrected the non-code compliant piping the plumber installed at that time. Finally should have no more air in the lines!


Summer is getting short.